Sunday, September 20, 2009

Store Fixtures For Sale...Antiques and more... about changes and how time moves on...when we built our house in 1995, I opened Tymes Past Antiques and Collectibles in our old farmhouse on our property...ran it for a few years, then moved into a co-op and closed the day-to-day running of the shop--sold by appointment for awhile...over the last few years, it has just been used for storage of my inventory while I sell at the co-op and online...well, I need to clear it out...youngest son is getting married in the spring and he and fiancee have decided to see if the old house can be revamped for temporary living for we have started on some basics...

However, along with repairs/updates, it also means I have years worth of inventory plus store fixtures to get rid of...not sure how it will happen...may try to have a sale this fall yet...may box a lot of it and store until I can decide how to liquidate thing I do know is that I have some large store display pieces that will need to go...if you know of anyone who can use a 4-foot glass showcase or some other old heavy wooden display pieces (prices will be cheap on them) please let me know...I have an old store counter also--son says he may want to keep it for a reloading bench--however, we will have to see how that goes...also have about 6 never-used counter top spinner display racks with hooks that would be great for bagged items with hole-punched headers...will also have old wooden crates for sale...some wooden chairs...old wooden doors/windows...some stained glass windows...all sorts of things...really need to move the bulky items--boxed items will be easier to store for awhile if needed...

So if you are in the area, or know of someone in my locale who may be interested in some things, contact me...with full-time job, it is going to be hard to get things sorted in short order...we haven't decided for sure if the whole project is practical, but it still won't hurt for me to clear some stuff out as I won't be operating a full-time operation again in the foreseeable future...

I will try to post some pictures, if I can or will email them to interested folks.


  1. Bev, I gave the gals at Cozy Comforts in Smicksburg your name, but did not know your phone number to give them. You might give them a call about your store fixtures. They are just starting up and might need some things. If you want their phone number, email me, or google it!


  2. Good luck in selling your fixtures. When we closed our clothing store we auctioned them off.

    Enjoy your weekend....God bless!!!