Thursday, September 17, 2009

AWOL but back with a makeover, stitcheries, and more goodies...

Wow...long time since I've's been hectic, as it is for most folks anymore, it seems. The days zip by, followed by the weeks, and the months...sometimes, I just feel like yelling, "Stop the train--I want off!" Can't find the time for all I want to do and accomplish now that I am in the full-time employed category. I miss my time for crafting, scrapbooking, cooking/baking sprees, gardening, etc.

I have been trying to squeeze in some stitchery work over my lunch break along with reading and journaling.

I did take time to repaint an old dry sink I had--forgot to take a before--when I get the time and motivation, I have to jump on it--no time for little details like pictures! Before the makeover, it was a vintage light green paint. I've had the dry sink for years and the color worked with my decor at the time...however, I like all the makeovers I've seen you all do, so thought one was in order for this piece. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned's not as aged/worn as I would like but I am still ok with how it turned out. That's it in the photo at the top.

Here are a couple of my stitcheries I completed. Love the first one.

I also have put a few new things on my etsy site...if anything catches your eye, follow the link on the left-hand side bar.




  1. Great items! Glad to see you back! I understand that crazy life but after awhile it just seems normal! Hope that the job is going well.

  2. Welcome back! I Love your dry sink, very nice, and the stitcheries are wonderful! I just recently started stitching and have alot to learn but it is so very calming:)

  3. Love, love the dry sink. It looks much like a stand I have in our bedroom. All your work is beautiful. Welcome back, you were greatly missed. Ya'll have a very blessed Friday!!!