Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Garage Sale of the Season!!!

I stopped at my first garage sale this year--and wow, did I find a lot of goodies for the shop! Let me know what you think...

At top left, a small wicker hamper with liner; youth oak chairs (3) that need seat bottoms--I don't cane, but was thinking about making a padded seat, unless I sell them as is and let it up to the new owner; 3 apple butter stirrers; a wooden high chair, small cabinet; nail keg; another small chair I will prim up and a thick wooden cutting board with thick rope handle--a little unusual, but hopefully a new "old" finish will fix it right up.

Also got an ammo box; old glove box; neat small white chest and an enamel-topped kitchen cabinet.

Couple of old pics which I will use the frames for stitcheries; nice oil lamp; star colander; nut chopper; syrup dispenser; tin tissue box; glass block lamps; the cutting board and a couple of old school books.

This linen piece would make a great valance over a wide window.

I think this is a crocheted collar, really pretty--close-up below.

Two doilies with a pretty design.

A fruit-designed tablecloth that is faded but
would still make pretty pillows or such.

Some more doilies...

A small tablecloth with pretty embroidery...

And last, a patchwork quilt--has some wear on the edges, so it's probably a cutter; a large rag rug; and an old hap that has an old quilt inside--I will probably remove the outer fabric to see what is revealed underneath--probably a cutter as this was a way to recycle old quilts...I love surprises!!!


  1. Good finds. I did make it to that one first. I figured that anyone wanting to resell would find great items! Shawnee said that you beat her to the barrel! I'll post pics tomorrow of what I got. I am glad that you found it though, there were good deals there, Great prices! I am going back.


  2. I really like the ammo box you found, and that nail keg! Super treasures galore, you're a good shopper!

  3. Wow, what a haul, you lucky girl!!!

  4. Yep...I do love it when I can find a sale like that! Smiles...Bev

  5. Oh my thats what you call a truckload!!!! Awesome finds:)

  6. HOLY COW!!! You are a stinker!! What a load!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE WHITE CHEST!!!! IS IT FOR SALE????? How much??????