Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning Visitors...

A couple of mornings ago, I wandered over to my dining nook window to check out my raised beds--I had just filled a new one with dirt the evening before and I was admiring how nice the dirt looked...that may sound a little weird to you non-gardeners, but I am sure some of you will understand...I love the feeling of accomplishment and am anxious for nice weather so I can get my beds filled with lots of veggies...and fresh, newly-worked dirt has a satisfying look to it! Ok, so I'll stop on that subject before some of you begin to think that I am totally strange!

Anyway, as I was admiring my dirt, I happened to glance up and there was a deer standing just up the hill from my deck...she (or he--hard to tell as there are no horns this time of year) was rather unconcerned about me. I grabbed my camera and came back to the window--managed quite a few shots of her, plus her friends scattered through the field. As you can see, it appears as though they saw me at the window, because they are all looking at me. However, they weren't spooked and just continued their morning meal. They are regular visitors here, usually morning and evening. However, come hunting season, they seem to know it and make themselves scarce! Just ask the men in my life!


  1. Too cool! Never been that close to a deer before.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. They are so beautiful! What good pictures you took of them. When I lived on an island with a lot of deer, I would put cut-up apples outside at night and they'd come visit...

  3. Beautiful shots of the deer! We get quite a few on our property, they come to eat off my apple trees:)Love your dirt too!!!

  4. I totally get the whole dirt thing! lol
    Oh oh, hope that doesn't mean the deer are going to eat up all your new veggies when they come in??