Friday, April 10, 2009

Thrifty finds of the week...

I didn't have work today, so I headed to my booth at We Miss Back When...stopped at the thrift store and found a few goodies...thought you might like to see...

A plain wooden shelf (sorta hiding at the back left); a slanted basket, couple old books, a cheese board, a very heavy milkglass piece, a cute metal shoe (thought it would make a great pinkeep), a neat wire flower, a desk organizer to prim up and a small clipboard. I don't usually buy milkglass, but this one is extremely heavy which leads me to believe it should be older? Never had a piece with this
much heft.

Also found a barkcloth piece with deer and other wildlife--it's a pillowcase; a piece of heavy green floral fabric to cover an old stool I have; and 2 souvenir pillow covers (Florida and Niagara Falls).

We're having our Easter dinner tomorrow evening as it was the time that worked for everyone. Did my Easter dinner shopping on the way home and spent the rest of the day in preparation for tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow 8 til 2 so won't have time to get it all together when I get home...I baked whole wheat rolls, made twice-baked potatoes (all ready to reheat for dinner), cooked my eggs to devil tomorrow, made Chocolate Eclair Dessert...the potatoes and dessert are low fat to boot! We're also having coleslaw, glazed carrots, Italian green beans and Easter ham, of course. Yummmm...can't wait...

Also doing some laundry and cleaning...still some picking up to do and need to make my list for tomorrow so I have my plan to follow when I get home...I love lists!!

I did want to do this quick post though before I put my "finds" away, so decided to take a short breather...

I hope you all have a blessed's Friday, but Sunday's coming!


  1. Love all your finds! I want to travel with you!!!! I never find things like that! Hope that you have a great Easter with your family. We will all be at Shelby's this evening since I am not up to hosting, yet. Your meal sounds delicious!