Monday, March 9, 2009

Yummy memories...or were they???

Do certain foods bring back fond memories of your childhood? Unless for some strange reason you do not require nourishment, I imagine your answer is yes.

As I was putting some cookbooks on ebay today, I found one that brought back some fond--and not-so-fond--memories for me. The title of it is: The United States Regional Cookbook, America's Best Loved Recipes. It's copyright is 1947. There are sections of recipes from various areas of the country--New England, Southern, Pennsylvania Dutch, Creole, Michigan Dutch, Mississippi Valley, Wisconsin Dutch, Minnesota Scandinavian, Southwestern, Western, Cosmopolitan America.

Needless to say, since this book is rather old, it has some unique recipes in it. I grew up in PA Dutch country (lineage is PA German) and my mom made a lot of old German of course, I perused that section for awhile. One thing I remember eating--and liking--was Pannhas or Scrapple. If I had known how it was made though, I probably would not have eaten it! Check out the recipe in the pics...the photo of the pannhas looks pretty benign...until you read the recipe!!!

Now do you understand why I said, "It's a good thing my mom never told me how it was made!!"

Some of the other good foods I remember were Rivel Soup (my sisters and I still laugh over the name), Dutch Potpie (absolutely scrumptious with ham--my mom always made this with the leftover Easter ham), homemade Sauerkraut (nothing beats homemade kraut--some of my friends and I made several crocks full about a year ago...mmmm), Krum Kuchen (Crumb Cake--I loved this!), and Tomato Mincemeat (mincemeat pie was awesome and so were mincemeat cookies).

One thing I remember not liking was Smierkase (homemade cottage cheese). I like cottage cheese but the homemade stuff smelled really bad as it was being made and I guess I could never get past that to eat it.

So what fond--or not-so-fond--food memories do you have? Anything come to mind that if you had known how it was made, you wouldn't have touched it with a ten-foot pole? Feel free to share a comment so others can enjoy your food memories, good and bad.

P.S. This is a really neat old cookbook...I am sure it would stir old memories whichever part of the country you are from! (I've put a link to the auction, if you happen to be interested.)


  1. I have lots of memories of the dishes my mother cooked. Unfortunately, I was underfed as a child so the memories are sort of a mix of happy and sad -- happy because I loved and admired my family, sad because they were not very sane in their actions to me! My mother was an excellent cook -- many regional dishes from the Gulf Coast area come to mind -- she could make pralines to beat the band, and her ways with simple foods were wonderful, like gumbos and jambalaya...

    When I lived in D.C. they ate scrapple galore up there -- it is delightful but I just did NOT want to eat it, having a pretty good idea of just what was in it...LOL...

  2. I have never heard of the some of the dishes you describe....Sounds fascinating! I grew up in the South with just plain ole meat and potatoes, most of the time. My Mom has always been a wonderful cook, but I never took the time to learn from her. I do remember her making almost everything from scratch, sloppy joes being my favorite to this day! I think they are the most wonderful COMFORT food!

    Thank you so much for stirring up a few lost memories.....I am going to call her later today for some of her recipes.....


  3. I have to admit that my childhood dishes were mainly pasta so so fond memories but how I wish there were. BTW I love your blog and have added you to my favorites!