Sunday, January 5, 2014

FOCUS.52 Photography Challenge

Hubby bought me a new camera and accessories for Christmas--a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  I've always enjoyed dabbling with photos--loved my old 35 mm took great pics and it was always a fun surprise when I got the pics developed to actually see what I had captured!

This camera is gonna be is capable of so much and with various lenses, I will hopefully be able to capture great shots of my grandbabies, as well as nature shots that I love. That is, after I learn how to use all the settings.  I think this may be the year when I actually get serious about learning the ins/outs of photography and how to put it all together for great photos.  Who knows where this adventure will take me!

As motivation, I am joining Elisa Pulliam in her Focus.52 Challenge.  It is a 52-week journey to capturing a God-aware life--through photos.

Here is her explanation of God-aware:

It's about living with a heightened awareness of God at work...every week. 
It's about seeing Him in the little things, the sometimes overlooked things. 
It's about slowing down and capturing a moment that God gave us.

 If you would like to join the fun, or just follow along and enjoy the photos, check out Elisa's blog at the link below.

  photo ScreenShot2013-12-22at112541PM_zps1fa17d77.png

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