Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Berry Pickin' Time!

While I was mowing over the weekend, I noticed the wild black raspberries were starting to ripen.  Finally had some time today to go gather some.  Got about 3-4 cups...the vines are still loaded so hope to get some more.

They are growing like crazy behind our shed--nice, easy pickin'.  I walked the perimeter of our yard and found more within easy reach at the edge of the woods.

Saw bunches deeper in the brush--however, since I did not have my trusty berry pickin' garb on (just capris), I didn't want to venture too far into the brush.  If you're wondering what my "garb" is, it is an old pair of jeans tucked inside my knee-hi rubber boots and an old long-sleeved flannel shirt buttoned at the wrists.  Kind of a hot get-up in muggy summer weather, but it does protect from scratches from the thorns on the berry vines, as well as the wild rose hips.  And lets me not think about any snakes or critters that may crawl over my feet--won't feel it inside my boots.  My hubby always makes fun of my outfit--it definitely is not a fashion statement--but at least I can dive into the thick of all that brush where the biggest and sweetest berries always seem to hide!

Who cares when you live in the country--that's part of the charm of country livin'.  Wearing old jeans, boots, flannel shirts, whatever works for the task at hand...there's no one around to see you.  Unless of course, you are expecting a delivery from UPS--then of course, that is when it will arrive...when you look your finest!  ;)

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