Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Tale of Antique Chippy Loveliness

Last Friday I found some wonderful vintage loveliness at some community yard sales in a nearby town.

I saw these bins and found out that the seller had gotten them from an old cupboard in a house he had torn down years ago.  Obviously they were old flour bins or such.  While trying to figure out how I could possibly fit them into my Jeep Wrangler that was already mostly full of other great vintage finds as well as great toys for my toddler granddaughter... (yeah, I know I should've taken the truck!)...he told me that he thought he had the doors from the cupboard in his shed.

Shed, you say?!?!  My heart skipped a beat as I followed him down thru the yard.  Alas, the shed was almost empty (though he told me that it had been full up to not-so-long-ago...darn!)  Anyway, he grabbed a ladder and up in the rafters were 6 wonderful old doors with this lovely aqua paint--perfectly, authentically chipped and well-aged!

Well, of course, junker antiques dealer that I am, I asked him if I could come back later with our large pile later (cause of course, I had to add the milk can, nail keg, trunk insert, 2 crates and tool box to the pile--I may as well make my return trip worthwhile)...I called my hubby to urge ask him to finish the brakes on the truck as I would need it when I got home in order to return for my wonderful haul.  (He had started the brakes the day before, then needed more parts, which we had picked up the night before.  So there was no reason it couldn't be ready when I got home, right?)  He said he had just been thinking of getting started on it...gotta love that man!  Oh, by the way, one thing that made him not so unhappy about my purchases was that at one of the next sales I found a like-new double ladder stand for hunting at a great price--I called him back to see if he might want it--silly question, I we had to make the trip back to pick it up anyway, right?

So after I hit the rest of the sales, I head home only to run into some dark clouds which turned into rain by the time I was a few miles from home.  As I pulled up to our garage, there is hubby, in a torrential downpour, rain dripping from his nose, asking me if I can pump the brakes while he bleeds the air out the system.  I ask if he doesn't want to wait for the rain to let up...he's already soaked so he says we'll go for it.  Good thing, as we made the hour round-trip back for our goodies and it was still raining just as hard when we got back never let up 'til later in the afternoon.

So we bleed the brakes, eat a bite of lunch and head back for our treasures.  After loading my goodies and then putting his tree stand in...which I made them wiggle around a bit so there was a little room left in the truck...we stopped by the Community Center sale where I had spied a nice mission-style vintage rocker that I wanted to redo for our bedroom.  It was still there and I even got it for half price.  So hubby pushed and shoved and tried to cram it in beside the tree stand...I'll say it again, gotta love that man...all the while I am reassuring him of my love and appreciation for him as he was mumbling under his breath, struggling to make the rocker fit, while I am giving suggestions on how it could go in with rain dripping down our backs from the truck cap door...

So there you have it--the story behind my lovely chippy doors and bins!  I'll be taking them to my new space at Yoder's Antique Mall this week...well maybe not all of them, may need to hang onto a couple for awhile in case I find the perfect spot for them!

The moral of the story...make sure your truck brakes are in good working order so you can take it to the next community sale!


Thank you to Angie from Knick of Time for featuring me on Knick of Time Tuesday!

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  1. I love them. The perfect color and they have such charm.

  2. Oh darlin', what a great find. I have to tell ya, I had to go check out Yoder's. I saw several great things...I fear I'd needed a semi! Heeehehehee!

    I just had to drop by and say howdah sweetie, it's been a nightmare of a summer. The MOM's have had a ton of health problems. Elder care...what can I say?

    I hope you've had yourself one fantastic summer sweetie!

    God bless and enjoy your week! :o)

  3. I think I would have been shaking life a leaf if I found those and was led to the shed!! Who cares what you missed, I think you hit the jackpot with the treasures you did get! Really nice and yeah, I'd have to hold onto them before I let them go ... the bins sure seem to be a once-in-a-lifetime find! Congrats! Nice visiting ... Judi

  4. Wow - what an amazing find! I'm featuring you tonight at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party!

    1. Thanks Angie! My first time being featured--I'm excited and honored!

      Love your blog by the way...I just finished my first homemade chalk paint project--checked out your info on your blog--it was helpful...I'll be posting a pic of my finished project this week...

      Have a great week! Bev