Thursday, May 30, 2013

What a Treasure Trove!

Saturday is Community Yard Sale Day in my town.  There are always a few folks who run their sales a couple of days.  Today I found some wonderful old treasures at one sale.  These folks have collected for years and have decided to downsize.  Woo-hoo for me and other treasure hunters!!  But sad for them that they have to part with collected treasures from over the years.  :(

These are a few things I am trying to decide whether to keep...the ring molds I am going to use to make baked donuts...I've been wanting to try them but have not been able to find a mold pan other than new--and thrifty soul that I am, I don't want to pay full price.  So I think I have enough molds to try a batch of donuts...yummm!

I found a neat large ironstone shaving mug--has some age discoloration but lots of character--made by W S George--which was located in Kittanning, just 20 miles from me!  I'm thinking it may make a good toothbrush holder.

There's a cute little gray graniteware bowl, a couple of white graniteware custards, a nice graniteware dipper, a neat jar that will hold some of my dried herbs nicely and lastly, a Snow Crest bear bank--minus the bank slotted lid--just has a regular lid...I thought it may be cute filled with buttons.  I usually offer these for sale--but thought I may keep this one since it is missing the bank lid.

 The ironstone gravy boat below is huge!  I think it is definitely a keeper--it will hold a lot of gravy for family dinners.  Shouldn't need to refill it!

I thought this framed sentiment was lovely--love the colors!  Was thinking it may be fun to collect a few of these for a grouping on the wall...oh no, do I feel a new collection coming on?!?!

What do you think of this beauty?  It is a very large white graniteware pitcher--lovely bulbous shape...virtually perfect!  No chips--I love it!

I have lots more to share, but will save it for another post tomorrow.

I will be checking out a few sales tomorrow morning, then the community-wide ones on hope to find some more treasures for my Etsy shop and website.  If you are interested in anything you see, contact me.

 Stay tuned for more vintage goodness!

Happy treasure hunting...

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  1. Great finds. The circle of life...people downsize...we collect....we downsize...someone else collects. I've been thinking about this lately. I hope there is always someone around to love old stuff. :)