Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week in review...

Hi all!
Just wanted to check in and share a few things that made my week special.

For starters, I spent Mother's Day with my two sons, their wives, my M-I-L and wonderful hubby. Hubby and sons made lunch...with a little assistance early on from me. Son #2 had provided a turkey that he bagged on opening day of spring gobbler season. So I had to help hubby get it oven ready before I left for church. I also had made yummy oatmeal rolls on Saturday and made the stuffing Sunday a.m. Son #2 made dessert--not just one, but two--pudding with fresh fruit and whipped topping and angel food cake with strawberries and whipped topping. The guys handled the rest of the meal...salad, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy...It was yummy--all the more so when someone else makes it (well, at least most of it.) And I am getting better at sitting and letting someone else wash dishes and clean up without feeling guilty!

Son #1 and wife made me a neat planter from old lathe from our old farmhouse (see my previous post on his prim creations). Here is a pic of it--how do you like it?
I love it!

And Son #2 and wife gave me a gift certificate to a local greenhouse so I can shop for all the veggies and flowers I need to fill my raised beds...gotta find time to get there before the goodies are gone!

On Tuesday of this week, Son #1 and d-i-l went for week 20 ultrasound. (I guess I haven't previously shared the news that we are going to be first-time grandparents in September!) They emailed us pics, a 3-d pic, which was cool, and a video clip of the baby moving! How cool is that!
I think I am going to like this grandma thing!

Weds. was my day off, so amidst errands, I stopped by a local thrift shop...check out what I found...and check out that price! Can you believe it?

Next, I cleaned up the cradle that I used when my boys were babies. My uncle had made this for me and it has been stored in the attic of the old house for the last 25 years. Since Son #2 and d-i-l are remodeling that house to live in, we had to reclaim all of the leftovers in the attic that never made the move to our current house. This cradle was stored up there, the boys' old crib, old Tonka toys and more of hubby's, and a few more odds and ends. Soon I will have a use for the cradle and crib! And we'll see if grandbaby is allowed to play with hubby's toys that our boys were never allowed to play with!

Below is a pic of my sweet woodruff just starting to bloom. It looks so lovely blanketing the ground in a puff of white--too bad the blooms don't last longer. :-(

And lastly, check out this pic of my winter wreath on the old springhouse door I have leaning in one of my planting areas. I was thinking I needed to get it changed out for spring when I discovered Mrs. Robin had taken up residence in it--can you see the nest? No eggs yet, but I don't have the heart to tear it out. I can't wait to watch for eggs followed by baby birds--although baby robins are pretty homely!

Well, that was a brief look at my week in review.
It was a good one...hope yours was too!

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  1. Well just look, the Robin's just Springed up your winter wreath! Heeehehehe!!!

    Grandbaby! Woohoo...congratulations sweetie. I'm so happy for ya and your gonna have a blast!

    I'm so happy ya had a great Mother's Day.

    God bless and have a marvelous day!