Monday, February 21, 2011

Grand Opening of My New Selling Blog

Please stop by and check out my new selling blog,
Tymes Past Mercantile.
I am planning to add items on a regular basis. I have lots in storage!
And I will be listing handcrafted items also.

Stop by and see if there is a treasure you can't live without!


  1. I'm a'runnin' out the door right now to go buy supplies. I've gone three weeks this time...I usually go stock up every other week. Oh...I was not born with that shoppin' gene!!!

    I'll check out the other blog when I have time to truly enjoy it!

    God bless ya and the best of luck on your new adventure!!! I've got a feelin' it's gonna be great!!!

  2. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to let ya know that there's a giveaway goin' on over at my place...pop in if ya get a chance!

    God bless! :o)