Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let it snow....Let it snow...While I bake...

Wow, what a snowstorm! It started yesterday before I ever left work and made the drive home a little interesting. Kept it up all night and we awoke to a winter wonderland--probably a foot at least--it was hard to tell as it was so drifted from the wind. I wasn't motivated to even go out and snap a pic or two. Left the plowing/shoveling to hubby and son while I stayed inside and watched. If you want to see a a sampling of what our town got hit with, check out Cathy's blog...she lives in town (I live a mile or so out of town) and snapped a lot of pics this morning...Thanks Cathy for sharing the pics!

My morning started early when I decided to mix up a batch of Oat Bran Wheat Rolls...then made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then I discovered some raspberry filling in the cupboard so I decided to mix up some sweet rolls (healthified) with raspberry filling--YUM! I also had some not-so-healthy Night & Day cookie dough in the frig that I had bought from a school I baked those up too. Oh so good, warm from the oven! That was a late-morning snack for all of us!

While the guys went out to plow (which took a couple of hours), I made some broccoli cheese soup that we enjoyed with fresh rolls when they came in. We also sampled the raspberry rolls for dessert.

It seems on my Saturdays off, I usually spend them baking and cooking--probably because I don't have the luxury during the week (with work) to do it. The down side of all that baking/cooking is all the dishes that pile up in the needless to say, my hands are squeaky-clean after washing all the bowls, baking sheets, pans, etc. from all my endeavors.

But the results are so worth it! Mmm-mmm. I didn't think to take a pic of all the goodies spread over my counters. I already have them in containers, some in the freezer and sent some with son to fiancee's house as she wasn't here to enjoy the sweets with us. However, I did take a sampling out and tried to get a pic to share with you. They taste better than the picture makes them look--but it was the best I could do on the spur of the moment. I couldn't figure out a way to share all the good aromas with you though, sorry!

Hope your weekend is warm and wonderful!


  1. MMMMMmmm, when I close my eyes I can almost smell the sweet aromas arisin' from the computer. Baby, hold me back before I lick the screen! It all looks very tasty and I'm lovin' that word healthifyied! Heeeheeehe.

    Ya'll have the best Sunday filled with 'sweet' blessings!!!

  2. If I would have known that you had all that, I would have made the trek to your place.

    Hope that you are staying warm.