Monday, January 25, 2010

A little love from a potato sack...

Check out what I found in my bag of potatoes! How cool is that?


  1. Oh baby, I'd put it on ebay! They pay big bucks for some strange stuff there and here it is right at Valentines Day. Now who the heck wouldn't want an Valentine Potato??? Now let the bidding begin! Heeeheehe! Thanks for sharin' your love spud. :o)

    Ya'll have a fantastically blessed day!!!

  2. Let's get to the ROOT of the post -- A Valentine's Potato!

    Horrible potato puns:

    I'd play a TUBER in a band, Valentine, for you!

    Here's SPUD in yer eye, Valentine!

    Will you be my Tater Tot?

    I'll be MASHED without you, Valentine!

  3. Nezzy, never thought of ebay--I just may try it--you never know what people may be willing to fork over money for!

    And don't you love the Olde Dame's creative puns--yes some may classify them as "horrible" but they're still clever! Thanks for the smiles!

  4. Thanks for poppin' over with your sweet comment. You are already a follower, sweetie.

    Have a great evening and let me know if the 'tader sells well!

  5. Thanks son much for coming by my blog! I love that potato! How perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day!!