Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On a roll...more makeovers...

I'm on a roll...making great progress today...decided to clean up/rearrange my desk area today. So to do that, I needed to paint a couple of items. The little blue dresser has been in my one bathroom for years. I have been considering painting it but never got to it. I decided to move it by my desk for files, but the blue had to go. (almost forgot to take a before pic) So out came the black paint, a little sanding, some paste wax and voila! I love it!

The little shelf organizer I tried in my kitchen awhile, but it didn't work there. So I decided to paint it up and use it on my desk. I love how it looks too! Not quite sure how I will organize paperwork on the shelves--I think I will scavenge in my stash to see if I have a flat wooden box to corral papers until they are filed. (The row of items on the top is various memorabilia from my town--note the Pep Club pin--Go Dayton! Well, the school has been closed for several years since merging with the neighboring town, but it's still my alma mater. The ruby flash pitcher and little green glass trophy cup are Dayton Fair souvenirs from ~early 1900's. Also an old advertising "foil" pic from a long-gone grocery store and a silhouette thermometer pic from the old hardware--phone number on it is 52-R-2. Gives you some idea of the age of it! There's also an old Fire Police badge snuck in there.

I repainted the pedestal plant stand--was white (no before pic)--and also painted the two hat stands. These items are for my shop. I still have the paint out and have a stack of things that need painted. Maybe I'll get the rest done tonight.


  1. It all looks great ! I really like your little shelf organizer:-)Have a great night !

  2. I am now officially a fan of furniture painted black! It just looks wonderful.

    Love how that old manual typewriter is perched on the little side dresser.

  3. Wow, those are great! they are like entirely new pieces!!! I love how the little side table with drawers turned out.You did a fabulous job! Thanks so much for joining in on the party! Jen

  4. These are great pieces and they look fantastic in black!

  5. These are great makeovers--I love black, except for the fact that it shows dust so easily :(.

  6. great job with your makeovers. I really like the organizer and the little typewriter dresser.

  7. Love your makeovers! I am a big, big fan of re-doing in black............