Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few pics of my home and fav antiques...

  • First pic is a barrel butter churn--the first antique my hubby and I bought together.
  • Second pic is a gathering in our great room--we purchased the old man carving from a local carver--I love it!
  • Our fireplace was built with stone from our old barn on our farm--and the stone mason our contractor hired had lived in our old farmhouse when he was a boy--what a small world.
  • I love my big mustard cupboard--however, hubby and sons dubbed it "the outhouse"! Whatever they choose to call it, I still like it.
  • Next pic is just a close-up of some of the stuff on my bucket bench.
  • The last pic is my bucket bench in our entryway--the wooden boxes and drawers collect our cell phones, glasses, etc.

House Favs

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  1. Everything is beautiful :) I think my favorite is the butter churn :)