Friday, January 23, 2009

Auction finds...

Finally getting around to loading some pics of my auction purchases. A pretty blue star quilt...nice old crazy quilt...a log cabin quilt that is tattered but will work for crafts...a couple bags of wool of felt...big box of sheet of vintage patterns...couple pieces of graniteware...neat stoneware bowl with spout (does have a crack but it was cheap!)...the skillet and other items came with the graniteware.

If anything catches your fancy, contact's for sale (other than the blue quilt--I think I'll have to keep it for awhile!)


  1. oh you got a lot of nice goodies! I love old quilts, especially the north star, like the one you found.

    Thank you for your words of sympathy this weekend,

  2. Looks like you found a "bunch" of interesting items. The quilt is lovely.

  3. Hello there new friend. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello. You and I really have a lot in common. I love to read blogs who write about the things I enjoy. I read your from start to finish and joined yur following.
    Looks like you sure found some great things at the auction. I bet your in a great area for finding great things. Until next time, Shanda