Monday, January 1, 2018

Craft Room Organizer from Upcycled Denim

I created this organizer from upcycled denim for my granddaughter's craft space.

  It has lots of pockets for storing scissors, glue, markers or other supplies. 

Here's how I made it: 

I upcycled a denim dress for the backing fabric.  I decided on the final size and cut two pieces from the skirt part of dress.  I placed them right sides together, machine stitched together, leaving room to turn it right side out. 

I then blind-stitched the opening. I ironed it so the edge was flat and straight. Then I machine stitched around the perimeter about 1/2" from the edge to give a finished look. 

I folded the top edge down on the back side to create a rod pocket, then glued it down with good old white school glue.  I used clip clothespins to hold it together until it dried. I purchased a dowel rod and cut to length. You can either tie a cord on either end to hang it, or you could use cup hooks on the wall and rest the ends in them. 

I had a stack of jean pockets in my stash that I had salvaged from old worn jeans.  I cut around each pocket, trimming close to the edge.  This kept the leg part of the jean on the back of pocket.  I arranged the pockets on the backing piece, layered some on top of each other.  I then applied glue to back of each one, pressing them in place.  I added some buttons for accents, gluing these in place.  I also created a flower from lace and added that also.

I think it turned out really cute! My granddaughter loved it.

I also used denim pieces from the legs of the old jeans to cover tin cans of various sizes.  Trimmed these out with old lace and other trim.  Glued the three together for a cute pencil holder for her craft desk.

So what do you think?


  1. I love it. I haven't a supply of pockets, but will try this with and old maxi-length dress. What type glue did you use? I am planning to get a supply of spray adhesive as it would be ideal for this project.