Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

So, is anyone else soooo ready for spring?  Take a look at these photos from Feb. 27 looking out at our back yard...

This was during a 15-minute white out...the deer seemed unfazed by it all--kept eating away while the snow piled up on their backs.

And maybe you remember this post from earlier in February?
Well, this is what I saw when I looked out my back window today.


The deer are coming out more now that there is actually some grass showing.  We have been seeing anywhere from 4 to 20 morning and evening.

 Yesterday, it was sunny and warmer, about 50 degrees, so my 2-yr-old granddaughter and I were outside for a walk and decided to make this--using sand shovels and a sand bucket.  Not the most conventional-looking snowman but we had fun.

 Hopefully he doesn't stick around too long.  :)

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  1. Big difference.. I am hoping that the sun is here to stay.. I have seen Robins in the yard.. that is usually a good sign of Spring.. I hear one bird singing this hopefullly they are gathering back for Spring.. I think we have snow in the forecast for later this week..blah.. this has been a long hard Winter.... Have a great week and what a great scene in your back seeing all those deer. Blessings!