Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rocking Chair Makeover--Twice!

A couple of weeks ago I shared some treasures I found on a community yard sale treasure hunt.  Remember these beauties?


I also mentioned that I found a bargain rocker that we managed to squeeze in the truck.  Here is a before pic:

Not the loveliest to look at but good bones.  I was sure I could make it into a comfy reading chair for our bedroom.

However, let's just say this makeover did not quite go as originally planned.

I have been wanting to try my hand at chalk paint.  Thrifty as I am, I cannot justify spending the $$ for the popular brand.  So I bought plaster of paris to make my own.  The first project I tried was a makeover of a cabinet for my soon-to-be newest granddaughter's nursery.  I will feature it in another post when I get a picture of it in its new spot in the nursery.  I love how it turned out--used antique white homemade chalk paint.

So I decided to use the chalk paint method on my had an old glossy, poorly-done faux grain finish on it...I didn't want to have to sand the whole thing so thought the chalk paint would be the ticket.

I mixed up my paint--black latex satin--I know most of you chalk painters suggest using flat.  When I bought it, I forgot that point as I am so used to buying satin--it didn't dawn on me until I was on my way home from the store.  I had used satin antique white on the cabinet and it turned out great so decided to just go with it on the chair.

Mixed my paint and started painting...I had to do three coats to cover the old finish--not sure why as others say the chalk paint gives great coverage??  It was looking pretty good--until I sanded it down.  As the paint was chalky (of course), I wanted a smoother finish to apply a wax top coat.  As I started sanding, I was not liking the results--however, at that point, I figured I may as well continue and see if the wax would make any didn't...turned out a yucky, streaky gray...

Here's how it looked with wax buffed out...not what I had hoped for.  :(

I decided I would just repaint in satin black.  Since I had waxed it, I had to use furniture refinisher to remove the wax before I could repaint.  

Needless to say, that was the long way around a makeover.  However, I think it still turned out looking pretty good.  I recovered the cushion with a piece of an old matelass√© bedspread.  I was going to use a grain sack but went with this...I like how it turned out!  It looks pretty good in our bedroom.

What do you think?

Also, any comments on making black chalk paint would be appreciated!  Is it possible to make your own and have it turn out black?

On to the next makeover!!

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  1. Excellent job on that chair. Very inspiring!