Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue Monday

Have you ever heard that phrase?  Today it usually refers to folks having to go back to work after the weekend. 

However, the phrase was originally coined to refer to laundry day "way back when"--housewives used laundry bluing to whiten their clothes. (And they also used a blue hair rinse to keep their white hair "white"--remember that?  I guess it still may be used today--I just remember my mom using it to keep the yellow from her snowy white locks.  She was white at 40!  Guess I should count myself lucky that I did not get that gene--do have enough grays, but not white yet!)

Today, most folks don't have just one day for laundry.  With the convenience of automatic washers and dryers, we can throw a load of laundry in whenever we get motivated.  ;)  For old timers to do laundry though, it was quite the they did it in one day.  

I am thankful for my washer/dryer--not sure if I would enjoy the day-long process of old.  I have too many other interests and things to do--like blogging and antiquing!  

However, I do like to decorate with and make use of some of the old-time laundry day items.

Here's a corner by my door...a couple washboards, a clothesline winder, laundry plunger and old ironing board...I actually use an old wooden ironing board like this one--I think the wooden ones are so much better than the metal ones of today. old copper boiler tucked under my pie safe that collects some of my fabric and quilt remnants...

 ...this cart was used for shopping, but it makes a great laundry basket in my bedroom--I can wheel it right to the laundry chute and send all that laundry right to the basement...looks like it needs emptied!


 ...I love these old wheeled laundry baskets...I have two...I use one for my ironing basket...this one is currently for sale on my website.  You can check it out here...

There's an old ditty that helped homemakers set the rhythm of their week:

Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Mend on Wednesday,
Churn on Thursday,
Clean on Friday,
Bake on Saturday,
Rest on Sunday.

Do any of you happen to follow a "routine" of sorts with your household chores?  I probably should, but I seem to get sidetracked so easily. :)  
Luckily, I'm not OCD so things get done when they get done...

Life's short--if you have the choice to read a book or clean, go for the book!  With coffee of course...and possibly chocolate!

Happy "Blue" Monday!

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