Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Latest Rug Project

I finished another rag rug.  This one is 2' by 3'.  It is made from various cotton fabrics I rescued from thrift stores--curtains, sheets, shirts, etc.

Shades of brown, burgundy, tan, sage green...a lovely mix...when I am in the process of choosing the various colored rag strips to use, I wonder if they will work together into a pleasing comboSo far, each one I have completed has turned out great.  The colors have blended nicely. 

This color scheme would work well with primitive decor.

I have another rug started--just trying to find a few more colors to use in it.  I picked up an old sheet this morning while junkin'--I am on the hunt now for fabric that I can reclaim for these lovely rugs.  

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy making these, but I am finding that it's rewarding to take cast-off fabrics and make new creations!

If anything you see interests you, please contact me.

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