Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sojourn...

As I searched for wisdom and understanding this week, I found a link to this devotional, Need You Now spoke to me right where I was...I had heard a snippet of this song on the radio the day before and meant to search for it so I could hear the entire song...before I had the chance to search, I found this devotional.  God served the song up to me along with words that spoke to my heart.

God is waiting to bear our burdens...

"Jesus is offering those who are exhausted and buckling under life’s burdens a way to not go it alone. That was a comforting thought as I considered that pain and loss is a given. I don’t have to go it alone."

May the words of this devotional,
Need You Now
and the lyrics of this song bless your heart as they did mine.

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