Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Handmade Rug!


I decided to try my hand at a new crafting venture.  I recently purchased two looms from Our Old Country Store.

 What you see in these pics is my first creation--I used old t-shirts on the Two-in-One Rag Rug Loom.  This made a rug 16 by 26.  I think I will use it as a mat on my table. 

As I was in the process of learning the technique, I wasn't so sure how it was going to turn out--the jersey fabric was a bit stretchy, which probably made things a little more difficult.  However, I think it turned out great, if I say so myself! What a nice way to recycle hubby's and my old t-shirts!

I plan to make more to sell in my online shops and at the shows I participate in...need to start collecting old fabric to recycle!

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  1. Bev!
    It turned out beautiful! The t's gave it a different texture--and probably be easier to wash and dry. Great Job! I'll post a photo and link at the OOCS soon. And, I'm following you now!
    Hugs from the Farmhouse,

  2. I also think it came out looking very nice! Hubby just went thru his T drawer and "threw out" some that have shrunk. I think I'll cut them into strips and give it a try, braided style.