Monday, December 1, 2008

Deer Season in PA

For those of you lucky enough to live in beautiful PA, you realize that today is an unofficial "state holiday". For those of you who are unfortunate to live elsewhere ;-), today is opening day of "Buck Season"--otherwise known as antlered deer season. This is a big deal here in W PA--the kids even get a day off school! (The school administrators learned a while back that most of the males 12 years and older (and some of the females) would not be in attendance anyway this day, so they realized it was easier to make it a "holiday".

That said, my three guys set off early this morning to "post" our farm in hopes of harvesting the really impressive 10-pt. they've been seeing around. At 8:15 am, Son #2 bagged a nice 8-pt. At 11:30 am, hungry and cold, Hubby and Son #1 came in for lunch. Son #1 had been watching an 8-pt. circling him for awhile, but it wouldn't come in close enough for a clear shot. Hubby hadn't seen anything other than doe. After some nourishing sandwiches and hot Thanksgiving Turkey Frame Soup, the two of them set off again for the afternoon--renewed and determined.

I haven't heard any shots since they left. However, the deer will probably not start moving again until closer to dusk. That's the time of day old 10-Pt. has been spotted roaming our driveway and nearby field. Hopefully, one of them will be lucky enough to bag him. Otherwise, I'll have to deal with two discouraged hunters being badgered by one cocky hunter!

Can anyone relate?

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